Always the girl friend, never the girlfriend

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You know what’s the cool thing about women? Women get to have platonic friends. "He's my pal, he's my bud, he's my pla-ton-ic friend. I love him like a brother. He's my bud – my platonic friend."
Men don't have platonic friends okay. We just have women we haven't fucked yet. As soon as I figure this out, I'm in there!
I mean, we got some platonic friends, we all do. I got some platonic friends but they are all by accident. Every platonic friend I got is some women I was trying to fuck. I made a wrong turn somewhere and ended up in the friend zone. “Oh no! I'm in the friend zone!" – Chris Rock

The friend zone: a deathly pit of torture that every guy avoids and yet finds themselves stuck in at some time or the other. Guys lament all the time about chicks they are pursuing who think of them as nothing more than friends. They complain about it so much that the friend zone is considered this dungeon that all women create to keep the guy friends in that they don’t want to date. A male friend zone apparently doesn’t exist.
Guys supposedly never create a friend zone. So does this mean every girl who comes into their lives is eligible for their affections - be it romantic or physical? Therefore a girl can get any guy she wants as long as she has boobs – especially if the guy she’s interested in is a friend, right? My unsuccessful love life does not bear testament to this. I’ve been friend zoned many a time and so have a number of girls that I know. My theory is that girls just keep it on the down low. Also, it’s sexier when girls believe they can attract anyone they want so they don’t complain to keep up appearances.
Men are generally the pursuers. As such they are usually the ones who befriend a girl they are interested in. Deciding power is in the approached girl’s hand as she then choses whether she wants to date the dude or not. That’s why the friend zone is thought of a female creation – because men approach women who ultimately have the deciding power. But this isn’t how people necessarily meet.
Girls and guys meet all the time – through work, mutual friends, hobbies, etc. They may not necessarily meet in a bar where one is interested in the other. Feelings may develop over time and girls too become interested in guys who may not necessarily feel the same way. Here a guy could very well be the one with deciding power when a girl confesses her attraction to him. It is rather ridiculous to assume that he will automatically seize the opportunity of being her man purely because he doesn’t have a friend zone to put her in. He will think about it in a similar way that girls think about it their suitors. If he decides he isn’t interested in pursuing a romantic relationship with her, she too can be friend zoned.
So guys, stop complaining. You’re not the only ones serving time in the friend zone dungeon. Girls are in there too. We just don’t complain about it as much.

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  1. It feels bad to be inside that "friendzone" thing. Guys and girls don't even realized that the best ones are already in the friendzone that's why they keep on looking for a good partner.

  2. Im slightly conflicted on this one! Thou i agree that "Men are hunters and woman are gatherers, who puts who in who's friendzone (cave) is debateable. Thou i cant help thinking that not all guys wanna jump on every potential woman. There are genuine guys who are looking for someone they can click with, and not necessarily park them in the "friendzone" and wait for chemistry to change.

    All in all, its a game, guys become frustrated easier if they dont get what they want, but woman sometimes tend to dangle a guy on her little finger and then decides to put him in the zone or keep him eating out of her hand. #justsaying

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