Why you are probably wearing the incorrect bra size

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For a women’s day event, Barclay and Clegg were offering free bra fittings. I thought this would be great to try out. With my small boobies, I’ve always worn a 32A bra. My whole life, I thought that my breasts are small, therefore I’m an A cup. Here’s a huge misconception that everyone is made to think about cup sizes.

With me getting fatter and bulging out of the A cups, I’ve resorted to a 32B which I was still sceptical of cos my 32B’s didn’t sit quite right. After I was whisked away to a private fitting room, the lovely lady who examined me claimed that I am actually a 32C. What!!! I cannot believe that it’s true that most women walk around wearing the incorrect bra size and I was one of them. She very quickly brought in a bra in my size and my God was I impressed with how well it fitted. She explained to me just what a bra should be covering, i.e. my cup size, and why I thought the B cups were too big.

This pic clearly explains why cup sizes are not independent of band sizes. The same cup can be very different boobs when you take into account different band sizes. 

After being all proud of my C cups (which I probably had all along and just squeezed them into A cups), I decided to do some bra shopping. While I was choosing the bras I wanted, I overheard a woman trying to figure out her size with her friend. Her friend’s advice was to take her pants size and then estimated that she was a D cup by looking at her. That’s how people out there are buying bras!

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So my good deed for women everywhere this Women’s Month is to spread some awareness on this and some tips on how you can check whether you are indeed wearing the correct sized bra. If you don’t feel like going to a store to get fitted, check out this really good video that I found that explains how to measure yourself at home.


If you can't watch the video, there's a great website you can use to read more on how to measure yourself. And if you enter your measurements, the tool on the website will calculate your bra size for you. Hop on over here http://brasizecalculator.tk/.

I feel so empowered knowing and wearing my correct bra size. Not only do I feel great but my I think my clothes fit better too. Have you ever had a bra fitting? What did you think of the experience? Were you also surprised by the outcome? 

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