My Indian Wedding Planner

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So now that I’m getting married, I suppose I need to start planning my wedding. Like most girls, I have an idea of how my fairy tale wedding is going to pan out. That was until I found out how much weddings cost! Even a small wedding costs about as much a new car.

I’ve spent the last few months angry with the world at how much I will have to pay for a wedding. If it was up to me, I’d get registered in court and then live happily ever after. After all, it’s the wedded bliss I’m after rather than the day itself.

It was me against the world so I had to have the big fancy wedding. I’m still going to be complaining about this for a while to come. Now I know nothing about the nitty/gritty of weddings so I enlisted the help of a wedding planner, Golden Thread Events, recommended by a friend. I spoke with many people about my choice on whether to go with the planner or not and it seems most people were against the idea of throwing away money to someone when I could do it all myself.

Living in Joburg and having a wedding in Durban doesn’t afford me the opportunity to be as involved as I liked. I don’t have someone to run around for me and the quoted price for the wedding planning services was very reasonable – about the price of a few trips to Durban – and having someone do the running around for me will save me lots of trips to Durban.

I met the person behind the business, Nita Maharaj, and immediately took a liking to her. I was all wedding averse and she got me so excited about getting married! She’s really easy-going and allayed all the fears that I had.

I contacted Nita in September and I’ve already given her way too much work when I only finalised the date in December. She’s been extremely supportive and provided me with three months of guidance and assistance before I even paid her! She’s super quick and I’ve been in Durban for a week and she’s already organised meetings and viewings with various suppliers. I’m probably leaving Durban before the year ends with my venue, most of my decor, photographer, videographer and various entertainment booked. Plus there's tons of ideas that I need to go over so I can bug her again on more things to book.

Did I mention that she’s also uber creative and comes with amazing ideas limited only by the budget *sigh*. If you need an events coordinator, check her out and tell her I say hi.

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