A weekend filled with puppies at the Ark Animal Centre

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My weekends are usually filled with socialising, being out and about and trying to squeeze in some rest and relaxation time. A while back, my friend invited me to her birthday braai which was celebrated a little differently this year. It was an afternoon of playing with puppies from a shelter, the Ark Animal Centre in Fourways.

My friend asked us to donate things to the shelter instead of buying her birthday present. What a cute idea! That morning we bought tons of stuff that the animals and people caring for them would need. The cost of running the shelter is about R60 000 a month – most of this is used to pay for dog food and the vet – so they rely heavily on donations to care for all their dogs.

As soon as we arrived, we brought all our donations to their offices where the cutest dogs were all running around between us. These dogs were let loose but not at all dangerous – they seemed to love seeing so many people coming in and out and enjoyed all the random pettings.

Doggies checking out their presents

Pretty soon, we were put to work by the birthday girl. She told us that we’d be giving little puppies a bath. Ark Animal Centre specialises in caring for pregnant mom doggies so they have a lot of pups. The puppies are kept in little areas according to their litter or breed or size. They keep the different puppies apart for health reasons and even when visitors come in to play or choose a puppy to adopt, they are required to sanitise before entering different puppy areas.

This dog was just received so she was all alone being slowly introduced to the other dogs

Puppies wanting attention

Check out those floppy ears!

The one on the right stole my heart

I have never had any pets so bathing them was a first for me. Some of the puppies were so tiny and scared of the water and others loved being pampered. I stole out some time to play with all the puppies – one of which stole my heart and I wished I could take him home. :-(

Me with a clean dog

Trying to escape the bath

Afterwards, we started a braai at the back and mingled with the people that care for the dogs. I have such respect for these people who give up so much of their time for these animals and they know each animal by name! They also rehabilitate dogs that may have had traumatic experiences and try to rehome them.  
Our braai

Me, the birthday girl and the angels that take care of the dogs

We found a newborn! He woke up for this pic

If you’re interested in getting a puppy, please look at adopting from a shelter. There are so many dogs out there that I cannot understand the concept of breeding dogs to sell them. Ark Animal Centre will assist with the whole adoption process.

A newly adopted pup

This cutey also got adopted later that day

If you can’t adopt, you can sponsor a pup and you can visit as much as you like – kinda like having a dog if you can’t keep one in your apartment. The Ark Animal Centre loves having visitors to give the puppies a cuddle or take the dogs for a walk so if you want to volunteer you time or have a day like ours, just give them a call.

If you want more information, check out their website: www.arkanimalcentre.co.za. Donations are much needed and if you want to contribute financially, their banking details are:
Ark Animal Centre
FNB Cheque Account
Account number: 62335841301
Branch: Broadacres
Branch code: 204809

There are so many ways to help

I left with a heavy heart knowing that I couldn’t save all those dogs but at the same time I have never felt so much love within an organisation. Somehow I just know that these dogs will be fine. And I can’t wait to organise another fun day like this where I can go back to play with them.

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