Where to buy Indian bridal wear

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In comparison to Durban’s myriad of sari shops, Joburg’s stores are few and far between. In search for my bridal outfits, I’ve put together a list of the best places I’ve been to in both Joburg and Durban. Unfortunately these stores don’t allow photos of any outfits *rolls eyes* so I can’t even show you how any of the stores look on the inside. There are a few things you need to consider before buying bridal wear but sometimes you only know what you are looking for when you’re trying outfits on at the stores.

Leelas (Joburg)
I love Leelas in Fordsburg. My boyfriend’s family knows the owners so I always get a discount whenever I buy from them. The aunty in the store is always there to drape on any sari I like so I can get a feel of how it looks on me. I love the service and all the chit chat and their range. When I heard about their bigger store in Lenasia, I had to visit them to look for a bridal sari. The range of bridal wear is extensive but not a lot of them come in red. Their prices average R10 000. I liked one in particular which was beige and maroon and had a nice price tag of R6 000.

Enens (Durban)
Enens is based in deep town. It’s a mission to get to with a car as there’s hardly any parking available on the streets and it’s filled with like a million people walking through town. Despite all of this, Enens was my favourite. I spent quite a few hours here and the guy helping me was the sweetest ever. He took out so many saris knowing full well that I wasn’t going to leave with anything. The owner is so talkative too and being in this industry, he knows a lot of other suppliers that are useful in weddings. Either way, visit Enens and you won’t be disappointed. Ask for Vinod bhai.

Memsaab (Everywhere)
Memsaab is a chain store. They have stores everywhere and they offer an exclusive range that I can only describe as Bollywood. The lighting and rooms where they store their bridal outfits are stunning and the prices match that stunning-ness. The service is bad and if the ladies feel like you can’t afford their range, they won’t even offer to drape the saris on you. I definitely don’t recommend this store because of their snobby attitude and over-priced outfits.

Saheli (Durban)
A friend recommended Saheli which also offers an upmarket range. I loved their outfits and if you’re a shorty like me, they even alter the outfits to fit you. Unfortunately, their stunning outfits come in R20 000 – way out of my price range.

Chatsworth Centre and Phoenix Plaza (Durban)
Most Indian areas have lots of sari shops – some are part of a chain store and some are private. With all of them, I’ve realised that the best priced outfits are the ones situated in the Indian areas like at Phoenix Plaza. The same outfit in an upmarket area like Umhlanga costs way more.

When I was looking on the internet on where to find outfits for my wedding, I couldn’t find any local advice so hopefully this will help you when you need to look. 

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  1. Thanks for the help!!!

  2. I was wondering how these shops would react to a white girl looking to get an indo-european dress? All the bridal shops I've been into want to give me something big, poofy, and blandly white dress: I'd like some colour. However I'm worried about going outside of my cultural norms as my cultural ignorance might get in the way or it might be seen as some kind cultural appropriation. Any suggestions?