Choosing the type of wedding to have

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They say that women have been planning their weddings all their lives. In my case, it wouldn’t be planning per se but every time I saw a fairy tale wedding on Top Billing or another TV programme or movie, I’d imagine how awesome it would be to have that wedding. Since actually planning my wedding, I realised just how much weddings cost and that took all my wedding dreams by their shoulders and shook reality into them. Here’s what I discovered about the different types of weddings and their associated costs.

Destination wedding
I love those destination weddings I’ve seen in movies where they take their wedding to a romantic exotic place. There cannot be anything better than having a wedding in the perfect setting, away from normal life, and surrounded by friends and family. What the movies didn’t tell me is that my friends and family can’t afford to pay for an overseas trip just to see me get married. After putting my budget together, I cannot imagine having to add in the costs of flights and accommodation for my guests too!

A formal wedding
This is essentially what all my friends are doing these days. The extensive selection of different suppliers gives this option a wide price range. So if you’re like me and are trying to spend as little as possible, you can still have a sit-down classy affair. And if you have more to spend, go right ahead and make it unforgettable for you and your guests.

Small wedding
Since planning my wedding, I’ve realised that the most expensive budget item is the venue. With a smaller venue and classroom style seating, you save a lot on the cost of the venue and table d├ęcor. So if you’re really concerned about costs or don’t want to wait too long to get married, this one is for you. My friends recently got married within a week of planning at a small temple with just immediate family. I am so jealous when I think about the amount time and money they saved by doing just that.

A civil ceremony
I’ve been threatening to do this mostly because I think it is the most practical. In an age where time is money and money is always needed for things to come, it makes sense to get down to a courthouse, say a few vows and have the marriage marked as official. The celebration really is just for immediate family anyway.

Running away and eloping

At some point, family and costs can get the better of anyone so whether you plan on eloping or decide at the last minute, this one is cost effective, a big time saver and is probably the best option keep your sanity intact. You have the rest of your lives to deal with the families’ drama. 

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