Sunday meal inspiration: breakfast wrap recipe

By 17:00

I don’t particularly like the bacon-and-eggs type breakfasts. I don’t usually have them by choice and I always find a way to find something different for breakfast. One morning I fumbled around in the fridge and came up with this awesome alternative: a breakfast wrap that doesn’t taste too eggy or bacony…or toasty.

Here’s what I grabbed from the fridge

2 wraps
2 eggs
1 cooked chicken breast, shredded
¼ sweetcorn removed from the cob
1 tablespoon of mayonnaise
1 tablespoon of Nando’s hot peri peri sauce

Here’s how to create this awesome breakfast

1. Heat up some oil in a pan and warm up the chicken and sweetcorn bits. Add in 2 whisked eggs and cook until the scrambled eggs are still soft. Overcooking scrambled eggs makes it quite dry.

2. Heat up the wraps in a dry frying pan and then butter it with the mayonnaise and peri peri sauce. Just a little goes a long way. The mayonnaise keeps the wrap feeling light and moist and the little bit of peri peri sauce adds some flavour without the heat.

3. Divide the scrambled egg mix between the two wraps and roll tightly. Cut in half and serve.

There you have it! The wrap gives it a nice light fresh taste unlike the usual toast. One egg is enough for one wrap as it doesn’t taste too eggy but if you prefer it that way, go ahead and load it up. 

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