Learning how to swim

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The honeymoon is booked! We picked up our travel documents and we’re all ready to go..if October could just come a bit faster. While we wait, I decided that it would be nice to learn how to swim. There’s no point spending all that money staying on a suite on stilts in a beautiful lagoon if we can’t jump into the ocean directly from our suites.

So I did a bunch of research on where I can learn and picked the one closest to me. I settled on Starfish Academy which offers classes for adults up to a maximum of 4 in a group at a time. Also, I figured that if I like it, it would be a great way to get a workout considering my failed attempt at running.

I really hope I survive if I'm ever just thrown into water

My fiancĂ© and I had our first class on Tuesday. It’s quite nerve wrecking checking out these little people swimming like fish in the lesson before us. Then there’s the nervousness of putting on a skimpy swimming costume. And even when we got into the water, the nervousness didn’t go away. But after a while, I loosened up a bit and I loved it!

The instructor introduced herself and tried to ascertain just how much swimming experience we have. It was just the two of us so the lesson felt very private indeed. We started learning how to kick and swam with the flotation noodles with the instructor helped us with. We then spent some more time learning how to hold our breath. In no time, I was floating through the water without any flotation devices to help me. I left there feeling so good about that!

So if you’re thinking of learning how to swim whether it’s for a holiday, to learn a new skill or to find a new way to work out, you should definitely take the plunge.

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