Curing lesbianism

By 15:45

They call it corrective rape; forcing a lesbian to have intercourse with a man to cure her of the homosexuality disease.
South Africa constitutionally protects the human rights of gays and lesbians yet corrective rape and hate crimes against homosexuals occur every day. I guess it’s one thing to make gay and lesbian rights constitutional and another thing entirely to convince our communities that homosexuality isn’t a disease that needs curing.
So just what makes a group of men decide to “cure” a girl? A lot of it may be attributed to social conditioning, I guess. Being gay is still taboo and rare. Our religions say that it isn’t right. We’re brought up to believe that it is normal to only be attracted to the opposite sex. I suppose it’s then natural to think that being gay is wrong. But at which point does a man think that he should take it upon himself to show her what she’s missing out on so that she can turn straight? Does this man even understand that rape is wrong – whether it’s for correctional purposes or not? If we’re going to attribute the corrective rape to good intentions by people who just don’t know any better, then are we also going to assume that it is good intentions that lead these same men to believe that they deserve sex when they want it by raping women…because they just don’t know any better?
It’s normal to fear the unknown but in our society, homophobia has turned into intolerance often resulting in hate crimes. It’s not even about being scared of gay people or trying to turn a gay straight, there’s brutal attacks, sexual assault and ultimately murders all because of different sexual orientation. With reactions like this, do we really blame people for hiding their sexual preference? It’s also our own communities to blame for the teenage suicides linked to unaccepted sexual orientation.
Our communities are so intolerant about sexual preference. The question is: how do we remove this intolerance? We really need to educate our people about homosexuality – the science behind it and real life experiences from gay people; not what religion or society dictates. The more understanding we as a nation become, the easier it will be for people to come out of the closet. The more we talk about it, more gays and lesbians will be open without fear of reprisal. The more “normal” it becomes, the more tolerant we will be of homosexuals. And hopefully, then corrective rape will be laughed at as a thing of a past uncivilised generation.
The problem is: how do we start?

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  1. Reading your words over and over, crying and praying for this change, the notion that tolerance & acceptance is valued and promoted within the LGBT at extremely high levels, brings me to my experience this past Saturday night I feel I need to share...

    I think the gay community needs to police its own much better, in turn allowing our positive message to be pure...

    As a 30 year old Bear cub in Minneapolis whose been out since a young age and very familiar with the city, the gays, the bars, and involved in numerous outreach programs aimed at our community, I'm utterly outraged at the sparse few who feel that because they are men, gay men at that, the "rape" card is still theirs to use as if they passed "GO" or something.

    Out at a local Bear bar, which had nothing for clientele this past Friday night (Sept 14th), I had 2 cocktails over 4 hours as I rarely drink, period. Remembering the time of 1:34am was the last menory at that bar, and of that night.

    I awoke bound to a bed in a strange place, naked, bloody, and scared out of my soul, but fortunately alone. Somehow I released myself, gathered what I could and ran out as fast as possible, ending up at a coffee shop-- bruised, bloody, and beaten.

    I don't do "hook-ups" or drugs, and drink maybe 2-4 drinks per month, at mostn to this minute I still have 0 recollection of any of it.

    Three days and no suspects. Three days and no answers. 3 days of fear...

    These men are gay. They were in that bar that night, previous nights, and pray to the lord almighty they will never step back into it as long and they live...

    Be accountable for your actions Gay People... people who live in their pretty glass houses shouldn't be throwin' stones...

    I hope you understand why I'm posting Anon...