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Last week I was invited to the launch of Hair2Go at Blo Hairdressing Salon. Now, despite my long tresses, I don't frequent salons much but I loved Blo's look. I has such a young and vibey feel - I can definitely see myself getting my next haircut here.

Hair2Go is all about being able to style your hair differently for any occasion in only a few minutes. It's for busy woman who are always on the go. I'm blessed with long hair but my usual "styles" involve me leaving my hair loose or tying it up in a pony tail. I was amazed by the hairstyles that these ladies come out in. They modeled a day look for their hair and then in a few minutes, they completely transformed their hair into a night look...right in front of us and all by themselves. I was amazed by it!

The day looks
Two of the transformed night looks

Blo is introducing Hair2Go courses to teach women how to do this on their own. Included in the course will be a bag with all the accessories need to create and transform these looks. Snacks and drinks will be served along with a step-by-step manual to take home so you'll never forget what's taught in the classes. I think I definitely need to go to one of these courses.

If you are interested in the Hair2Go classes, you can contact Blo Hairdressing Salon on Twitter, @blohairsalon.

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