#FindingJozi: Fourways Farmer's Market

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Oh the shock and horror of realising that I hadn't put up a new blog post in over a month! And it's not that I have nothing to write about; it's all the busy bits of life that just get in the way. Last Sunday, I decided to take a break from it all, gather some friends and chill at the Fourways Farmer's Market. This place isn't new to me but I liked it so much when I checked it out last year, that I decided it would be an awesome place to get some friends together for a catch up.

Seems like people need their morning cuppas on the weekends too

I've been to a few of these outdoors markets - it's a great way to catch some sun while checking out the artisanal food vibe. Stall vendors showcase their spreads of jewellery, fresh veggies, jams, biltong, ice-cream and anything else you can imagine and all of these aren't the normal flavoured stuff you find at the supermarket. I even have friends that frequent this joint for a specific brand of coffee that isn't readily available in Joburg.

Champagne breakfast!

I like trying out the different foods on offer. There's a huge variety of foods ranging from different cultures such as Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Eastern European, Asian and proudly South African cuisine. The balkan burger is a firm favourite and I just love Vuyo's fancy boerewors rolls. You know Vuyo from the Hansa Pilsner ads? The story is real!

Vuyo's boerwors rolls

There are plenty of places to sit down on the picnic benches or tree stumps near the craft beer stalls to enjoy a drink or food and listen to the live entertainment which is mostly just background noise while you're busy browsing through the stalls. When I'm done walking around, I like finding a quiet little spot to just enjoy the feeling of the sun on my skin and the music drifting through the air. All that's missing is a place to nap ;-).

Mmmm delicious fried foods

There's also a nursery on the premises. I usually find that area to not be as crowded as the rest like on today's busy Mother's Day.

Pulled pork and other meaty stuff

If you're looking for something chilled to do on a Sunday morning, try Fourways Farmer's Market. This market is open every Sunday from 9 - 2 and is right across the road from Montecasino. Bring your kids and your dogs.

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