When I grow up, I want to be a lady of leisure

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If you’ve met me in real life, you’ll know that all I want to be when I grow up is a lady of leisure. Unfortunately, I just don’t have that funding to do that. So I work and although I do my job really well, I hate that I’m forced to play to The Man’s tune for the best part of the day and best years of my life.

I live for the weekends and public holidays when I am free to do whatever I want to do. Last week, coincidentally, Diwali fell on Thursday with the Gujarati New Year on Friday. I managed to get both days off from work extending my weekend. The husband couldn’t. At first, I was quite upset that for our first Diwali as a married couple, the husband had to work. Eventually, I embraced this as an opportunity to try out this whole lady of leisure business.

I’ve jotted down the amazing benefits of being a lady of leisure and if I could do it forever, I definitely would. It looks like it’s not on the cards for me yet. So while I buy a lotto ticket, here are some of the things I learnt spending a few days without the mad rush in the rat race.  

Money talks
I mentioned this already and I am sure that everyone knows this. I was only able to enjoy my time off because of the money I made working. In a world that revolves around me, I would have money streaming in from daddy dearest or….the public’s taxes. Without that, it’s more like a sad woman who can’t afford to do anything but sit at home.

Playing housewife
Now that I had the time, I could do things like make elaborate breakfasts for my husband. Heck, I even invited his work colleagues over for lunch…for a meal that took more than two hours to prepare. I unleashed my inner domestic goddess with all the cooking and baking all because I loved seeing that proud smile on his face.

High maintenance pampering
In my normal world, there is just way too little time in the day to do everything I want to. So where does one find the time for non-essential admin? I managed to have a pedicure and manicure in between everything else I needed to do.

The benefits to my husband
I recently read an article of a stay at home mom proving her worth by talking about the benefits she staying at home has on the family. I totally concur! The husband came home to home-cooked meals and didn’t have to worry about weekend errands. All of a sudden, our evenings became a relaxing time together. And because I got the admin like selling my household goods out of the way during a week day, our weekend was filled with catching up with friends and family – the stuff we really want to do.

Sleep – glorious sleep. Imagine waking up when your body tells you to wake up, not cos your boss expects you in at a certain time :-).

Do whatever you want to do
My life is so busy trying to squeeze in everything I want to do. Essentially, this post is about how, during this time, I could do whatever I wanted to do...that includes the nothingness that comes with watching mind-numbing television.


This title is for all the things that I’d rather do besides work. I even found the time to write this blog post ;-).

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