My flying pet peeves

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There’s nothing like traveling on a long flight en route to my honeymoon to inspire me to write about my pet peeves of flying, general courtesy awarded to others and basically just trying to remain sane on your way to your destination. Here are some of my flying pet peeves that I realised I had.

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Armrest hoggers
So yes I am tiny and yes I can sit comfortably without having to use my arm rests but it is highly annoying when the people sitting beside me stretch out their bent elbows into my space. Arm rests may be communal but I also like to think of them as space barriers. It marks my space and no one should come within those barrier markings. Unfortunately, my newly pronounced husband is an armrest hogger and my attempts at reforming him have been futile. Looks like I’m going to have to live with this one for the rest of my life.

Weak bladders in the window seat
So you need to pee every hour? It’s understandable. How about you pick an aisle seat next time and avoid making your weak bladder everyone else’s problem by making them get up for you all the time.

Noisy passengers
I’ve travelled with many people together. It’s fun. You have so many people to talk to and you’re all so excited. This is fine for a little while. There’s nothing worse that passengers noisily talking well after the plane has taken off just annoying others who need to get some sleep.

Stupid parents
One day, I’ll have kids that I cannot manage and you can complain about me too. But I will definitely not be trying to keep my kids entertained with a movie on a laptop with the sound on full blast for the whole plane to hear. I personally don’t understand why we can’t give irritating kids sleeping pills during flights. And if they have to be awake, can we not implement a system where we charge parents who just let their kids annoy others like kicking the backs of chairs like it’s a game...despite all the in-house entertainment on offer?

Reading lights
Speaking of getting some sleep, people who leave their reading lights on after the plane lights has been dimmed for people to sleep, do you know how annoying that is? I feel like shining a bright light into their eyes the moment they try to take a nap…so they too can know how it feels.

Standing up when the plane hasn’t yet come to a complete stop
We all have places to be but the ones still sitting down have the sense to know that you, Mr Impatient, aint going any faster than the rest of us. I secretly hope the plane jerks to a stop so the idiots can fall and learn their lesson.

Toilet manners
When in the airplane toilet, sit down. I don’t care if you’re a man or a woman. I’ve seen enough filthy wet toilet seats and *gags* floors to realise that you’re not winning at squatting or aiming. We all don’t want to sit but there’s sanitising wipes now so you won’t catch anything.

So that’s my list of pet peeves while traveling. If you fall into that category, please try to consider others when flying. It’s uncomfortable for all of us. Do you have any flying pet peeves that you want to share?

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