My favourite baby shower ideas

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I can probably count the number of baby showers I’ve attended on one hand. As I mentioned before, having babies in my circle offriends is abnormal. Most of these showers were organised at work. Some of them were even organised by me. Perhaps it’s because I don’t have much experience with the traditional showers that I love the alternative ideas that I’ve either thought up or been exposed to.

The sexy mommy baby shower
Of course I would come up with theme that is furthest away from the traditional baby shower but let’s not pretend we don’t know how the couple got into this position. One of my friends didn’t have the sexy bachelorette party so her friends brought the sexy fun to her baby shower. This is perfect for a women’s only event. Bring out the fishnets (cos corsets won’t fit) and limber up your joints. Practice some sexy poses and lap dance moves. It’ll help mom-to-be forget all about the big tummy she’s been lugging around. Oooh…I can already picture a sexy dance routine to “You can leave your hat on” with a tummy.

Brunch and shopping with the girls
If you have an intimate group of girlfriends, I love the idea of a baby shower brunch at an outdoors type of restaurant. I love La Vie en Rose for this – you can decorate the table without going overboard on silly games. Ask guests to bring a gift card from a specific baby store and you can all head out after lunch and pick out cute little outfits and the essentials together. That way, mum-to-be doesn’t have to worry about a registry and everyone will have loads of fun trying to pick out items together. Any one of the gorgeous Kids Emporiums store would be a perfect place for this.

A modern take on the traditional baby shower
I’m a bit of a homebody and I love entertaining at home. But I’m not that girly to be surrounded by women who expect me to act and behave like I am super excited about popping out something that has no bowel control for a good few years. I’d much rather have my guy friends present who have some sense of humour when I speak. You know, the ones that’ll joke that when walking near me, they need to act like the car with red flags warning motorists of an abnormal load coming up. Let’s make it co-ed! Keep the cute cupcakes in blue or pink but let’s make sure the men are well fed with a braai or mini burgers. And besides, I want my husband to be part of the festivities. I aint changing nappies alone!

Have you been to baby showers that were different to the norm? What did you think of them? And if you’re planning one that’s a bit unusual, I’d love to hear all about it. 

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