The beginning

By 15:27

Holidays! At long last J. For me it’s a time to relax, get away from my hectic life and chill out with my family. And since I’ve got all this free time, I’m about to re-engage in a passion long lost…
All through high school, I thought of myself as a budding Pulitzer prize-winning writer and then all of a sudden, my life turned into a busy science student working part-time, eager graduate frantically climbing up the corporate ladder and now balancing my career with a busy social schedule. Although, I like to think that I’m pretty happy with the choices I’ve made, I can’t help but wonder whether I should have followed my love of writing after high school instead of trading reading and writing for a less satisfying job with lots of partying.
So I’m creating this blog so I can start writing – about something, anything. I just want to write…and put my thoughts out there. So I hope you enjoy this as I start on my journey…

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