My New Year's Resolution

By 18:16

New Year’s resolutions were popular when I was growing up. I think I’ve made a few resolutions through the years but I can’t remember any of them. I probably resolved to study harder yet I don't think I ever followed through on them.
Last December, my mother thought I was pregnant after I piled on 13 kilos. Since then I resolved to lose the weight. Prior to that, I tried tennis, jogging and gym and I hated those forms of physical torture. I would come out sweating, in pain and finding it difficult to catch my breath. I knew there and then that gym was not for me. I also love food too much to diet so I was doomed to growing fatter and fatter.
I tried out pole dancing once and I loved that to bits. My muscles were screaming in pain after I tried out the first fitness class but the excitement of pole-dancing was enough to encourage me to continue doing it. Strength exercising with cardio fitness routines two times a week and I got myself an exercise plan. On the 4th of January, I walked into the dance studio and signed up a twelve month contract. It’s the end of 2010 and I’m still going strong. I lost the pregnant tummy and the huge butt and I now have the perfect bikini body. I’m not giving anyone an excuse to mistakenly think I’m pregnant anymore. And because I pay for it every month, I’ve been to almost all my classes including the ones that make me break out in a sweat.
It wasn’t always easy. I had a job that assumed I didn’t have a personal life. Leaving work at 4:30 on Mondays and Wednesdays weren’t easy and being busy on those evenings meant missing out on mid-week drinks that some of my friends like to have. Well on 10th January 2011, I’m going to sign another 12 month contract. It’s no longer about losing weight or keeping it off – I know simply love the dancing.
That was a New Year’s resolution well planned and attained. I’m quite chuffed with myself. So now I’m wondering what else I need to work on with the same vigour. I noticed late this year that I stopped writing. I set up my blog this month to start writing. So my aim for 2011 is to maintain this blog in the hopes to regain a passion long lost.
Making resolutions stick is tough but losing weight worked easily because I just scheduled time for travel and classes in my diary for Monday and Wednesday nights. I’m going to do the same for blog. I initially wanted to write something every day but I don’t think juggling work, dancing and my social life will accommodate that so once a week’s a fair deal. I’ve put it into my diary and Tuesday nights shall now be blog nights. Done!

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