Ristorante La Trinita

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I rarely have favourite anythings but La Trinita has to be my absolute favourite restaurant. It’s a combination of great food, ambience and the best service.

It’s a small, family-run, Italian restaurant hidden away in the Kyalami Downs Centre. As soon as you enter the restaurant, you’re greeted as if you’re family and made to feel comfortable. The mother and daughter duo, Tessa and La-La, have very good memories and even remember the time last you visited.

After you’re ushered to your table and given delicious warm breads, the chef La-La comes to take your order giving personal attention. I don’t even bother looking at the menu. La-La asks what you feel like eating or what flavours you like or dislikes and suggests your meals for you. She also goes into great detail describing the special dishes for the day that makes your mouth water.

The restaurant is definitely a place for everyone. There’s a kiddies area and large table arrangements for bigger crowds and there’s quiet corners for a romantic date too. The waiters are helpful but generally out of sight and not really needed with La-La’s hands-on approach. When La-La is busy in the kitchen, they are, however, just as knowledgeable about all the dishes and their flavours and extremely helpful.

For starters, we settled on soup. I loved the butternut soup topped with a little bit of chilli the last time I visited La Trinita so I ordered it again. Still delicious but I this time I tasted the mushroom soup. Divine! Rich and creamy and tasty!

I’ve heard many good things about La-La’s seven layer lasagne but it’s not a menu item because when she prepares lasagne, it sells out so fast. I called the day before and asked her to make her lasagne and to save a piece for me. The piece she saved for me was more like a family-sized portion. I barely made it through a third of the dish. The sauce is rich and creamy. The lasagne sheets hid away layers of the mince sauce, soft mushrooms and b├ęchamel sauce. My favourite was the generous layer of the mince sauce on top which give it a perfect balance of everything – not too much pasta and not too much filling. I can see why people rate it the best lasagne they’ve ever had.

And just when I thought a dish could not get tastier, I took a bite of my date’s main course – kingklip with a lemony caper sauce topped with bacon. The sauce complemented the fish so well and who would ever think of adding bacon to a fish dish. The saltiness of the bacon played well with the citrus flavours of the sauce which kept each bite of fish rich, moist and flavourful throughout the meal.

To end our meal, we shared a tiramisu which the waiter told me is the best dessert on the menu. It was as you’d expect a good tiramisu to taste. When it was time to leave, I was hugged goodbye, given my doggy bag (to taste La-La’s cooking again the next night) and given a take-away menu. The pizzas are perfect for a quiet night in but I think I’d rather dine at the restaurant next time too. 

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