New priorities, new passions

By 11:48

I’ve been so conflicted for most of this year about my writing. In fact, it all started last year…and ended with a lesson that took me one and a half years to learn.
I started this blog because the everyday hustle of work and the little life there is after work just wasn’t leaving me satisfied that I was doing enough with all that life has to offer. I needed to supplement my monotonous life with something else that makes me excited. That’s when I started dancing and a year later I decided to start writing again – something I was incredibly good at when I was a little girl. My childhood years spent reading and writing developed a style of writing that I lost through my adult years of studying and working. A style of writing that won me competitions and made me proud of a final product. The reading and writing that I missed.
And then life happened again. All of a sudden work consumed so much of my time that I stopped dancing and had very little time to write. It took me a year and a half to realise that I let work get in the way of my passions. Never again!
So now I sit here a month after vowing to leave work to work hours and to embrace the little time I have outside of work to focus on my passions. I started dancing again and it’s like going from an advanced level to a struggling beginner. It makes me despondent and I definitely don’t feel enthusiastic about going to class. I started writing again and I realise that the self-inflicted pressure to write in certain genres is preventing me from writing what I want to write; to being able to just tell my story the way I want to.
Only recently did I become aware of the fact that life changes and it changes you as a person. Along with that, priorities change and passions change. I don’t know if writing and dancing are my passions anymore but I intend to still keep pursuing them and to not be so hard on myself. After all, it’s the stuff after work that makes life worth living. I intend to live every day how I want – happy.

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  1. Kinda what this comic writer was talking about. About dreams and passions.

    1. I love it! Thanks for giving me that inspiration. I've always wanted to be able to do at a time (and sometimes all at once).