Twitter Blanket Drive

By 17:20

Last year, I promised to donate a blanket for every new follower I gained on my blog. Then in an unfortunate turn of events, I was out with a terrible flu during the weekend of the Twitter Blanket Drive! I could barely get out of bed and I definitely couldn’t live up to my donation promise in return for my increase in blog following. To make up for that, I decided to donate blankets equal to the total number of my blog followers this year.
I donated 20 blankets and also delivered 10 blankets each from @sacred_sha, @Nellytjie and @Deepikapoona. That was 5 bales of blankets squeezed into my little Corsa Lite. They all made their way through to this year’s Twitter Blanket Drive at Melrose Arch.
We were greeted with complimentary glasses of the Fire and Ice Hotel’s famous milkshakes. While I was getting help to bring up 50 blankets, I was saddened by how poor the turnout was. I heard there were tons of people last year and I was part of the huge gathering the year before. Maybe this was attributed to the increased number of drop off points or the poor marketing to the build-up of the event on Twitter. I hardly saw the flood of #tbdza tweets on my timeline the way I did in previous years.
I eventually opened up the 50 blankets and threw them all into the blanket area. There was a massive amount of blankets considering the small turn out. I called it a night after being entertained by Deep Fried Man. And I left on that cold night with a warm feeling in my heart.
Thank you for helping me to donate those blankets so that more people can be just as warm as I will be this winter.

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