Les Mills Bodycombat

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I used to be quite fit back in the day and then life happened and here I am; fat and unfit without having regularly exercised in almost 2 years!

A friend recently heard about Les Mills Bodycombat, a new fitness class at Planet Fitness. She loved it so much after one class that she decided to join the gym just for that. Since it's just recently beeb launched in South Africa, they are promoting the class by offering a free guest pass. My friend decided to take me along with her. 

I was pretty excited after seeing the video. It looked like a rock concert - so upbeat and so much fun. Also it was a free class - who wouldn't love that. The only problem is that I'm not a fan of large gyms. Their selling point is that they are relatively cheap and have all the resources, equipment and trainers that you would need. I am just not sold on the level of trainers at gyms. I've found that most trainers have basic training experience and because they need to tailor classes to the majority (who are just looking for a workout), it's hard to be able to learn some of the more advanced or specific exercises, routines, etc. I find a lot more value at a yoga or pilates studio than similar trainers in a gym. 

Well Le Mills comes in three types of classes. The one I picked is called Body Combat and is quite cardio intensive. Think high paced kick boxing so lots of non-stop movement to get your heart rate up and your body sweating. As unfit as I am, I was able to keep up with the class so it's definitely not too hectic for beginners. The trainer introduces movements, stances and exercises inspired from combat skills and that just made it all the more fun. I absolutely loved the music and how the trainer choreographed our moves in time with the song. It also feels so much more satisfying to end a set or routine as the song ends with a bang.

Afterwards, I felt great. Because of my joint issues, I wouldn't go back until my joints are a bit more strengthened. I do believe though that this is an excellent class to try out before signing up for a gym membership. If you have any friends at Planet Fitness, ask them to pick up a guest pass for you. 

I'm on a mission to get my fitness levels back up so if you know of any new studios, classes or clubs that I should be joining, let me know - I'd love to try it out.  

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