Garden Route Trip Day 4: Knysna

By 17:16

We were meant to go on a romantic sunset cruise on the lagoon the previous day but the weather didn’t allow for it. On this day, we made sure to book the first ferry cruise, with The Featherbed Company, just in case the weather turned later in the day. Our ferry cruised around the lagoon and through to the Knysna heads. This is definitely a must-do in Knysna. The views are stunning and the guide gives a very good overview of the lagoon and the surrounding areas.

Afterwards we drove around Leisure Island up to viewing points on the East Head to check out the view from the top. Stunning cliff face drops and breath-taking views of the ocean meeting the lagoon. The views are definitely worth the windy-ness at the top.

Before that, we tried to have lunch at Freshline Fisheries which is situated in the lagoon’s dockyard. They serve all sorts of seafood which you can buy raw and take home. You could also choose your fish and have it prepared either “grilled, fried or Weskus braai-ed”. There’s also the menu which has your usual seafood menu items. We tried a scallop salad with sundried tomatoes and red onion and a Weskus braaied kob. Another highly recommended restaurant you should try. The freshness of the fish really comes out in the taste and the restaurant has a chilled beach bar vibe. The food is also really good value for money – about a third cheaper than what you’d expect to pay in Joburg.

We took a walk around town which was really a waste of time. There’s nothing much to do or see. Even the coffee shops are a bit sad.

For supper, we tried Pembreys on the other side of the Lagoon. The restaurant is situated in a pretty garden-like environment. It is a fine dining establishment and their menu is written on a blackboard which is quite unique. I had a delicious crab and dill ravioli and the boyfriend had a perfectly done Springbok fillet in a blueberry sauce. If you’re into experiencing the fine dining that Knysna has to offer, this is a great option to try. That marked the end of our stay in Knysna. 

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