Seacliff: Living on the edge of the Indian Ocean

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I’m back in Dar es Salaam but this time I’m staying at Seacliff. My colleagues go on and on about how awesome the hotel is so I had to try it out.  Almost immediately, I preferred this hotel to Double Tree. From the time you step into the foyer, it screams “5 star boutique hotel”. The staff all speak English including the cleaning staff which really should be the norm for a business hotel.

The pool where I still need to relax
Reception to chill when waiting for a cab

Upmarket feel

The décor of the hotel reminds you that you’re in an African hotel from the paintings to the colour scheme. I love the upmarket African feel and it feeds through into the rooms as well. I was very impressed with all the little amenities in the bathroom – they even had a dental care kit comprising of a toothbrush and the littlest toothpaste I’ve even seen. I’ve always said that if hotels offer soaps, shower gels and shampoos, they should offer a toothbrush and toothpaste. It’s something a lot of people forget at home. It’s just a pity that this 5 star establishment doesn’t replace it.

A little bathroom basket

I love those brown tones

There are two restaurants within the hotel. Karembezi Café is where breakfast is served every morning and I love the view. It’s situated right on the edge of the cliff. It’s so peaceful and calm in the mornings and at night it has a cool vibe about the place. It seems like the go-to spot in Dar as it gets packed even on weeknights. This restaurant offers a Western menu.

My morning view

Karembezi is situated on a cliff

The breathtaking view looking down

Alcove is the more formal restaurant offering Indian and Chinese cuisine. The last time I was in Dar I wasn’t too happy with the hotel food but almost everything I ate at Alcove has been really delicious! This is by far the best restaurant I’ve been to in Dar. It must just be noted that none of the dishes at this hotel is local – so you’ll be disappointed if that’s what you’re looking for.

A mix of Indian dishes

I notice that while travelling for work, I generally leave the office late so there's only a small amount of time in the evenings and the weekend to actually explore the city. By the time night falls, it's too late to go out and I'm too tired to even want to. I love that Seacliff has two restaurants with such different cuisines to ensure most of their guests palates are catered for. Seacliff Village is right next door with a number of restaurants to try out. So it's just a small walk away and there's more to do.

I'm definitely enjoying my stay here. Looking forward to the next week.

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