How to survive a night of load shedding

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I was far too busy at work today to even realise that we were up for load shedding tonight. So I went about my usual business and came home just after 6 to a dark complex. Instead of being grumpy and hating on Eskom, I decided to get on with my unexpected Friday evening. Here are my tips on how to survive a night of load shedding without having to leave home.

Take advantage of natural light. We’re so used to switching on a light whenever it gets a little dark and sometimes all you need is to open up the blinds and curtains…and then there was light.

Invest in an emergency light. I had the bare essentials when I lived alone. I don’t think I even had candles. The husband has an emergency light – you charge it when you have electricity (I would totally forget to do that) and voila! Light…for when the natural light runs out.

Acquire a gas stove. Or a gas cylinder thingy with a stove-top attachment – that’s the one we have. The husband actually told me there are actually tons of these kinds of gas powered stove things. Some even come with a wok attachment! I suppose a braai would do too. Anyway, get one of those and you don’t have to resort to KFC for supper. We made a gourmet dinner on a little gas stove – coffee crusted steak with mash potatoes (couldn’t quite do a potato gratin without an oven) and a blue cheese dressed salad.

Always charge your laptop. And make sure you have series or movies loaded on it. Entertainment for the evening sorted! Who needs TV anyway.

I just found the flaw in my post – the router is off. How am I supposed to upload this? *Goes back to hating Eskom*

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