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It should come as no surprise to you that I love Zomato. I really enjoy working with them and catching up with people like me – who love to eat. My growing waistline might disagree though ;-).

I even see Zomato increasing in popularity among the people I know. In fact, last week, the husband wanted to surprise me with a romantic evening and logged on to Zomato and browsed their romantic collection to find the restaurant we eventually went to.

I love Zomato because it’s a comprehensive listing of restaurants in the cities they support with all the details you will ever need to make your restaurant decisions – menu, opening times and reviews from real people like you and I so you can make an informed decision. Well you know my opinion on Zomato so I asked some people what they think. Here’s what some of what they had to say.

The good
I have friends who are really jealous of my Zomato foodie meet-ups and are fervently trying to rack in their reviews to get to the top in the hopes of being invited. Ooh the foodie events are nice. It’s like Zomato thanking you for spending all that time on their website.

Zomato’s best feature is that you can easily find a restaurant’s menu and browse through it before arriving at the restaurant. Surprisingly, a lot of restaurants don’t have their menus and opening times on their website (if they have a website at all). Unless I’m in a really picky mood, I actually prefer perusing through a menu at the restaurant but there’s been many occasions where I’ve had to organise dinner for many people with dietary requirements. This definitely comes in handy then.

It’s honest reviewing. Zomato verifies reviewers and you can read those reviews knowing that it’s not Internet trolls or people hired by the restaurant to write up a good review. Yep! That’s my favourite feature. I like that I know what foods to try or give a miss without having to experience it all by myself.

I’m an indecisive person so I sometimes play around with the filters to narrow down my choices. You can filter on price, cuisine, whether you want to dine in or take out and you can even filter on wifi availability at the restaurant! The result is a filtered list that you get to pick from that meets all your criteria. I’ve never used this feature but I’m sure in a few years, I might want to know how baby friendly a restaurant is.

Collections are the greatest thing to hit Zomato. Dependent on my mood or reason for eating out, I browse through a collection like Great Breakfasts or High Tea. Again, not a feature I use very often but if I’m planning high tea, it’s nice to be able to easily see what other restaurants provide that service that I don’t know about.

The bad
Because Zomato groups restaurants by city and not province, when I look for a restaurant that kinda borders Joburg and Pretoria, I sometimes have to search both section.  I don’t have that problem because I’m generally in Jobrg but it must sucks for the people bordering both cities. I wonder whether Zomato will allow searches in two cities instead of one…

There are tons of great places to eat just outside the great cities but since Zomato hasn’t mapped out those areas, people might never know about it. Zomato is growing – they just launched the Garden Route last month but yeah the growing pains means you’ve found a great restaurant to share but it’s not listed yet cos it’s outside the cities they support.

Now that you’ve seen what others are saying about Zomato, what are your thoughts? If you haven’t used Zomato yet – you don’t know what you’re missing out on. Use it now before you plan your next night out.

To end off the year, Zomato has graciously given me meal vouchers for 2 to spend at Rodizio to the value of R250 each. Luckily, the post office strike seems to be over so it makes it ideal to run this competition.  Entering is easy – tell me what you think about Zomato and why you use it. 
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  1. I love Zomato because it offers value for money and a great variety of choices

  2. I love love LOVE Zomato because the people are so amazing (Zara!), the website is comprehensive, and it allows me to give honest opinions on restaurants I go to, PLUS letting people upload photos gives you a great idea of what to expect from venues.

  3. The biggest reason I love Zomato is I use it to look at menus and have a look at the dod photos. It's also perfect if it's in a city you travelling to because you can easily bookmark places