My birthday wish list

By 21:23

I happen to think I’m the easiest person to buy presents for. I literally buy nothing for myself unless it’s really needed – like a new pair of black heels. I have no qualms splurging on the pricey Crabtree and Evelyn range as birthday gifts for my friends but I’ll never buy anything from there for myself. I’m of this weird notion that I don’t need those things – but it doesn’t mean I don’t love them. I feel they are more gift items than ordinary “need” products. 

So when someone says they don’t know what to get me, I’m so confused. I mean the world’s your oyster here. Some of my favourite gifts have been the simplest things I needed like a TV stand at a time when my TV was held up by wood and bricks, or a Woolworths gift voucher which I then used to buy the most stunning (and most expensive) water glasses that I wouldn’t ordinarily buy, or an ultimate splurge gift like my Nespresso wedding present from the best sister-in-law ever!

So for those who point blank asked me what I want for my birthday, I find it so rude to demand a present. For me, it really is all about your friendships – not the presents your money can buy me. But I suppose for the people asking it’s sometimes more about returning the favour of a birthday present I’ve given in the past and besides, who doesn’t like being showered with gifts. Nevertheless, amongst endless conversations about how it’s better to get a gift I want rather than junk, I decided to put together a birthday wish list to give you an idea of my tastes.

The collector’s item gift: Durban Curry So Much of Flavour
So I don’t actually have a collection of books. In fact, I gave away a lot of my books that used to sit on a pretty shelf in my single-life apartment. But, the thing is…I really love recipe books. I have this idea of keeping a collection of recipe books in my kitchen – ones that will actually be used. And what better way to start my collection with than this book right here. I mean the title even resonates with the language of my people. What I love about this book is that the pages come alive with the colours of Indian food and culture and they tell the stories that only great kitchens have.

Décor gift item: Big ass clock
Since finding my new house, I’ve been shopping around for décor ideas. That’s when I became obsessed with big ass clocks that have that old London charm that adds so much character to a room. I love the huge clocks but I don’t quite have a big enough home for them but there are loads of normal sized clocks that have the same feel like this one from Coricraft.  

Fitness gift: Getting back on the pole
I was really struggling to keep up with my favourite fitness activity and then for reason beyond my control, I stopped pole dancing. I recently started looking up classes closer to home and I think I might have just found it. As soon as my life settles down from moving, I’m thinking about picking myself up and getting back on the pole. I found a studio that I haven’t been to before but I heard good things about them. It’s close to home in Midrand and it’s called Basic Instincts. A trial class is only R150. Feel free to join me!

Pamper me: Crabtree and Evelyn
I am so bad with spa vouchers. I think I still have a few from my bachelorette party that I haven’t used. Things that will actually get used are pamper products. I love anything from Crabtree and Evelyn’s range! Seriously, once you try them, it’s so hard to go back. I quite like this LaSource range that has all the essentials: shower gel, lotion, hand therapy and fragrance.

De-stress me: A weekend away
I planned an amazing Mediterranean cruise through Western Europe with stops along the coasts of Spain, Italy and France. This international holiday to celebrate my first wedding anniversary was going to be epic. I needed something to come close to my Maldives honeymoon. And then I found my house which ignited a raging fire of excitement but doused by holiday dreams. With no money left, I cancelled all my holiday plans but that doesn’t mean I still can’t go el cheapo and explore more of my back yard. I’ve never stayed in the North West before so how’s this for a weekend getaway: a two night stay at Hunter’s Rest Hotel.

Charity: Introduce me to your favourite charity
I work at an amazing company that offers people the opportunity to help an NGO achieve their objectives by paying that person a salary for a year in order to dothat. I love the concept and I missed my chance this year because I don’t know any charities that I would like to help out that way…or would need my help. A great gift idea would be to introduce me to your favourite charity – make a day of it, invite some friends and let’s see where we can help those in need. This reminds me so much of a birthday party that my sister in law hosted. This one costs absolutely nothing!

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